Strategic Advice

Guildhouse offers strategic advice in support of third party schemes on a consultancy basis

Development Management
Our development management expertise encompasses both private and public sectors and all aspects of the development process. To support strategic planning, funding, construction, ongoing management and/or disposal we offer a number of services;
  • Strategic Development Analysis
  • Financial appraisals and recommendations
  • Construction and property reviews, action planning and implementation
  • Viability and feasibility studies
  • Market evaluation
  • Sales, marketing assessment and recommendations
Asset Management
Through positive, practical advice, we enhance our clients' portfolios, enabling them to achieve their economic, regeneration and community goals. Our aim is not only to maintain and improve assets, but also to advance efficiencies, find ways of generating income streams and outperform national benchmarks. To achieve this we;
  • Follow a policy of continuous improvement
  • Utilise market and technical knowledge
  • Draw on our property finance expertise
  • Exercise a strong grasp of policy and planning
  • Apply well informed commercial judgement
Project Rescue
We provide a specialist service for financial institutions looking to redeem losses on distressed assets.

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