Public Private Partnerships

Guildhouse are at the forefront of the UK's developing Public Private Partnership market.

Guildhouse has considerable experience of entering Public Private Partnerships with public sector organisations to develop and manage publicly owned assets and land.

We are working with Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, NHS England and NHS Property Services through long term partnering agreements in all aspects of asset management.

Call us today to discuss how a partnership might benefit your organisation.

Our Public Private Partnerships include;
  • Private Finance Initatives in London, Nottingham and Manchester
  • Long term NHS Partnerships in East Anglia and South East Midlands
  • Partnering Local Authorities Aylesbury
  • In addition to our existing schemes we are in discussions with a number of leading Acute Trusts to create bespoke joint ventures.
  • Our investment status with the Homes & Communities Agency enables us to apply for social housing grants and sell completed units to Registered Social Landlords.

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