Commercial Property Investments

Guildhouse invests in and is reponsible for managing a range of commercial properties.

We invest across a number of sectors;

Serviced Offices
Managing 14,000 sq ft of offices in Central London and providing shared reception services.
Commercial Offices
Managing 25,000 sq ft of office buildings with a mixed range of tenants.
Mixed Use Developments
Including 16,000 sq ft mixed commercial space under residential flats.
Key Worker Housing
Managing lettings and taking the full letting risk on key worker flats for over 200 tenants.
Third Sector Tenants
We manage and let 4,800 sq ft of office accommodation specifically suited to Not-for-Profit organisations.
Hotel and Conference
We have invested in 30,000 sq ft of hotel accommodation, 10,000 sq ft of conference and functions suites.
Including Restaurants, cafés and bars extending to approximately 4,800 sqft.
Fitness Centres
In total 20,000 sq ft of health and fitness floorspace including dance studios and swimming pools

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