Consultancy Services

Guildhouse provides consultancy support specifically for public sector clients

Our staff have many years of experience at board level within public sector organisations and can provide;

Strategic Planning Services
We assist public authorities in ensuring they make the most efficient and effective use of their commissioning resources through;
  • Capacity Planning
  • Option appraisal and service redesign
  • Asset management and efficiency reviews
  • Developer contribution/Community Infrastructure Levy support
  • Clinical service activity modelling
  • Interim management
Public Asset Management
We ensure the owned, leased and commissioned estate is fit for purpose through;
  • Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) reviews
  • Estates efficiency evaluation
  • Primary care capacity reporting
  • Six Facet Surveys, Health and Safety audits
  • Support for statutory reporting
We can provide a full procurement support service at short notice or elements to support your in house team. Our understanding and experience of the commercial bidding process has ensured positive feedback from both Commissioners and Providers.

Our Guildhealth subsidary specialises in Consultancy services to the public sector.

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